Jessica S. (kungfoolfight) wrote in yfucommunity,
Jessica S.

SERIOUS PROBLEM in trying to call Japan?

I want to call my host family in Japan,however, the only problem is that I've tried for 11 times and I can't reach them!! My host family lives in Okayama and I know the time difference and everything. I just can't understand why I can't get through to them. I'm using the LA America phone card and I know that after the pin code, I have to dial 011+81 for Japan right? Do I have to add the area code for Okayama (862) also? Whenever I'm waiting for someone to pick up the phone, I always hear ,"We're sorry. We are unable to contact your number. Please check the number and dial again." or something along that line.. I'm getting really fustrated because I want to be able to at least call them once before I leave on June 8th but so far... my chances of calling my host family is almost impossible! Please, does anyone know how to call someone in Japan using a phone card?

ex: pretend my host family's phone number is 0876-11-1123 (Only the first four numbers are exact) but there really are 10 numbers in total.

So I tried calling 011+81+876111123. (I'm possible to omit the first zero in 0876 right?)...

That didn't work, so I tried...

011+81+862(Okayama's area code)+876111123

But that didn't work either! 

Please, someone help me! I want to at least "break the ice" before I meet my host family by calling.

P.S. Is it possible that my host family changed their phone number or I recieved the wrong phone number? I thought Japan only have 7-8 digits in their phone number but if I were to omit the zero in my host family's number, there's 9 digits.

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