Jessica S. (kungfoolfight) wrote in yfucommunity,
Jessica S.

Pre Departure Orientation

I applied for the scholarship to Japan for this 2008 summer and I won the JAFS scholarship. Anyway, I just recieved a letter from YFU yesterday telling me about the pre departure orientation on May 17, 2008 (Saturday) at huntington beach in CA and basically I want to know if I have to bring anything? The letter just said to bring my World Traveler Handbook but other than that, should I bring anything else? I was thinking about maybe taking along a camera cause' I'm going to be meeting with other AO students and Alumini so maybe I might make some friends? Is that a good idea though? Thanks for the advice! ^_^

P.S. Oh yeah, are any of you guys here going to that same orientation also???
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