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Youth for Understanding (YFU) Community's Journal
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Saturday, February 23rd, 2013
11:53 pm
Application/Acceptance Dates
Hi! I am applying to the Spain Fall 2013 semester. The application is due in due April 1st and I am submitting it by the end of this week (February 23). I am pretty early but I'm nervous because I hear the Spain programs fill up quickly. How quickly do the programs fill up? Is it difficult to get in? Thanks!
Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012
5:22 pm
Korea Summer Scholarships 2013
Hello,Im thinking about going on exchange to south korea for summer and am hoping to win a scholarship but i dont see any for summer 2013 will they update them this Fall? Also,Do you need Excellent Graded for the summer program?
Tuesday, March 27th, 2012
1:04 am
Gap year program
I am interested in the gap year program to go to south korea next year. Although I am a junior in high school I do plan on finishing early to study abroad. The problem is the age requirements are for (august 1 - January 31). I fit in the year requirement but not the month requirement. Will I be denied the Year program? Please someone help me. I really want to go for a year, I've been studying korean for some time now and would love to go for a year.

Current Mood: crushed
Saturday, December 31st, 2011
3:04 pm
I am going to apply to go to France for the 2012-2013 year. Is there anything I should know? I am also younger than the required age, but my mom contacted them and they said go ahead and apply because i have had 3 years of french experience and the Rosetta Stone TOTALe 
Thursday, February 4th, 2010
3:16 am
Acceptance Chance
Hi everyone! My name is Jordan and I'm applying for the YFU Japan 2010 summer program. So I had my interview today, and now I'm going into major paranoia zone. So I thought I answered all my questions alright, but now looking back I suppose I didn't really say too much that would set me aside from everyone else (well maybe a few here and there). Although I'm not applying for a scholarship. Also, even though my interview lady seemed to liked me she never said anything at the end like "You're a shoe in!" like I heard most other people's interviewers did >_< Anyways, I'm really nervous T-T What do you think my chance of getting in is? :O

Current Mood: nervous
Sunday, October 4th, 2009
12:29 pm
School Credits and Applying
 Hi, I'm currently a sophomore in school and don't really plan to go on a YFU exchange until 2011, when I'm a junior, on an exchange to South Korea (hopefully) for a full year. If I do go to South Korea, I would have to leave in the middle of my junior year in high school and not return until the middle of my senior year; would I have to get all of my credits out of the way so I could still graduate or just most of them as the credits I earned overseas transfer over somehow? And, how early should I apply since the deadline for the winter departure is October first?
Thanks if you can help!
Tuesday, March 31st, 2009
9:05 am
Scholarship Award Notification?
Hi, I don't know if this community is still active, but I have a question!

I'm just wondering when we are supposed to know about whether or not we were awarded scholarships. I applied for 6 different scholarships for the Japan summer program. I called YFU, and they said as late as May 1st, but it could be at any time really.
I'd just like to know what time they typically come, I know it should be soon...I'm so anxious to find out!!

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009
9:13 pm
YFU requirements.
Hi guys. I just found out about YFU by searching student exchange programs on the web. I am 17 years old (will be next month) and currently a junior. Also, i know the age requirements are 15-18 years old. I am not planning to go this summer, but next summer of 2010 to South Korea. My question is, do you have to be returning back to your home country after the trip as a highschool student to be qualified? Because in August 2010 i will be going into college. I dont want to go on the Gap year trip because the countries offered arent really of any interest to me.
Monday, December 1st, 2008
5:01 pm
Help !
I'm a Canadian student and I am interested in signing up for a summer exchange or semester in Japan with YFU since I live in Canada would that be a disadvantage to get scholarships ? because I went on the Usa one and they had tons of scholarships for Japan and the Canadian website didn't really help.

thank you ~ and I noticed that not a lot of people have been posting since June? so I hope someone could answer my question soon ~ thank you ^^
Monday, June 2nd, 2008
8:35 pm
SERIOUS PROBLEM in trying to call Japan?

I want to call my host family in Japan,however, the only problem is that I've tried for 11 times and I can't reach them!! My host family lives in Okayama and I know the time difference and everything. I just can't understand why I can't get through to them. I'm using the LA America phone card and I know that after the pin code, I have to dial 011+81 for Japan right? Do I have to add the area code for Okayama (862) also? Whenever I'm waiting for someone to pick up the phone, I always hear ,"We're sorry. We are unable to contact your number. Please check the number and dial again." or something along that line.. I'm getting really fustrated because I want to be able to at least call them once before I leave on June 8th but so far... my chances of calling my host family is almost impossible! Please, does anyone know how to call someone in Japan using a phone card?

ex: pretend my host family's phone number is 0876-11-1123 (Only the first four numbers are exact) but there really are 10 numbers in total.

So I tried calling 011+81+876111123. (I'm possible to omit the first zero in 0876 right?)...

That didn't work, so I tried...

011+81+862(Okayama's area code)+876111123

But that didn't work either! 

Please, someone help me! I want to at least "break the ice" before I meet my host family by calling.

P.S. Is it possible that my host family changed their phone number or I recieved the wrong phone number? I thought Japan only have 7-8 digits in their phone number but if I were to omit the zero in my host family's number, there's 9 digits.

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008
5:33 pm
 Hey Everybody!
So...I just got accepted into the trip to Argentina for the summer! I'm really excited! I was just wondering if anyone else is going. I know there are 5 other people from the USA going with me, and chances of them finding this post is slim...but any of you on here? Has any of you been to Argentina? Write back!
Tuesday, May 6th, 2008
12:18 am
change country?
I was wondering how lenient YFU was about country changes? A friend of mine who isn't on lj applied for a scholarship that sends students to several different countries, and was accepted. However, she was placed in a country that she's actually lived in before, and would really prefer to be sent to any other country than the one she was placed in, since she really wants the new experience of living and experiencing somewhere totally different.

She isn't ungrateful or anything though--she's really happy to have been accepted at all, but she just wanted to know if there was any possibility of her being able to switch countries at all?
Tuesday, April 29th, 2008
3:24 pm
Pre Departure Orientation
I applied for the scholarship to Japan for this 2008 summer and I won the JAFS scholarship. Anyway, I just recieved a letter from YFU yesterday telling me about the pre departure orientation on May 17, 2008 (Saturday) at huntington beach in CA and basically I want to know if I have to bring anything? The letter just said to bring my World Traveler Handbook but other than that, should I bring anything else? I was thinking about maybe taking along a camera cause' I'm going to be meeting with other AO students and Alumini so maybe I might make some friends? Is that a good idea though? Thanks for the advice! ^_^

P.S. Oh yeah, are any of you guys here going to that same orientation also???
Sunday, April 20th, 2008
5:14 pm
Waiting forever.
 Okay, so I have applied, did everthing needed and have recieved a Orientation letter. Except no scholarship notification which I need to go. So...does this mean that they are letting me down easy? Cuz I really get that feeling now days. So my question is they're anyone that knows what happens when you don't get in?
Tuesday, March 18th, 2008
4:09 pm
Getting called in for an interview?
Hi everyone :). I'm Uchi~ Sorry to bother everyone... but I was wondering..

I submitted an application for the Summer Exchange Program to Japan in early January (when it was due), and I received notification that YFU received my application and that I was not missing any forms/etc. However, I haven't received a call about an interview yet.. So I'm not sure if I missed the phone call (since my family doesn't pick up the home phone all the time..) or if YFU is still reviewing the applications..

Again, I'm sorry to bother everyone over such a trivial question...

Thank you~!
Saturday, March 1st, 2008
2:52 pm
Hi guys! my name is melissa and i'm applying for the 6 wk summer program for greece...

my interview is set up for this saturday, and i was wondering
1. how long does the interview usually last?
2. what are some of the questions the interviewer ask? are there any super difficult ones?
3. am i supposed to dress formally or is it a casual interview?
4. any tips/anything i should prepare for in advance???!!!

i'm somewhat awkward at interviews :-O

THANKS!!!!!! :-)

Current Mood: chipper
Wednesday, January 16th, 2008
6:32 pm
Hello!  I am new to this community.  To introduce myself, I am a seventeen year old gal from California.  I will be a graduate of 2008.   I have always been interested in YFU USA, but summer school classes have  prevented me from trying in the past.  Around September, my Japanese teacher encouraged my class to try it out for the summer scholarship.   However, with all my  free time opportunity, I chose the last minute strategy. (Doubting myself -_-)

My mom sent my application by registering it at the post office and I am somewhat worried that YFU won't get it. (Sent it last week, 2 days before the postmark deadline)    I'm just wondering will YFU send me some type of letter that they received my application and if so,  what time do they usually send that out?  And if they I don't hear from them, should I call them?  

Please excuse me for being  annoyingly  paranoid, but the 1800-teenage number is based off east coast time.  I'm usually in school during their hours, and I'm  too impatient to wait for the weekend to call them. These questions have been bugging me for a week.   

Thank you for reading, and thanks again if you can answer my questions.  

Edit:YFU received my applications :)  They also sent me an email that they have not processed it yet, so I'll have to wait 3 weeks until I get a postcard. 

Thanks so much guys for your support.  I will update my progress in a month or so!

Saturday, January 5th, 2008
5:08 pm
Okay, this is probably going to be the silliest question ever, but when it says:

Please place each answer on a separate sheet of paper, numbering your responses and placing your name on the upper right corner of each page.

Does that mean each question gets its own page (there are 5, so 5 pages?) or just put the answers on a separate page?
Sunday, July 1st, 2007
2:02 am
Summer Vs. Semester
Hi everyone!
I plan to go to Japan with YFU next summer (of 2008). But, recently I've been reading the blogs/journals of many people who spent a semester or year in Japan and had the experience of a lifetime. Their stories really inspired me, and I'm really considering going to Japan for a semester (mid-March to August). The only thing is: I'd have a hard time being away from my parents that long (and it's highly doubtful that they'd even allow me to go for that long) and I'd be very worried about missing the last 2 1/2 months of my sophomore year of high school (I wouldn't want my grades to suffer).
For those of you that have already been to Japan for a summer (or longer), what are your thoughts? When it was all over, were you disappointed that you hadn't gone for a whole semester? I just feel like I could benefit so much more (culturally and language-wise) from a semester stay! A summer stay is more like a vacation, but when you're there for months it's really true immersion and progress. I'd love to hear feedback from you guys.
Thursday, May 24th, 2007
8:12 pm
Japan this summer

Hey all,
I just found this community so I thought I'd join and make a post. I'm a junior in High School and I'll be going to Japan this summer on the JUSSE scholarship. I am excited beyond words, but at the same time I have to admit that I'm terrified. Can anyone that's been through it give me any advice? I still haven't gotten any information about my host family which I guess is understandable, but it's still really annoying. I know they said it's possible not to get host family info until as late as the day before you leave, but does that really happen? I don't think I could wait that long. I'd like to at least know what city I'll be in. Oh well. I guess the only thing I can do is wait and see what happens. Though I do have a few other questions for some of you out there that have gone to Japan through YFU: How much of the language did you know before you left? Were you able to get by fine with this amount of knowledge or were there many issues with it? What about school? How much time did you spend as a student? What were the classes like? When you weren't in school what types of things did you do? Did you mainly spend your time with your host family or with friends? How was it trying to make friends there? And I realize now that I'm really just rambling off random questions as they pop into my head, but I do that when I'm nervous, so I think I'll just stop now.

Oh! One more thing: Does anyone have any suggestions for gifts to bring to people? About how many should I bring? 

Thanks for your help!

Current Mood: anxious
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