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Hello!  I am new to this community.  To introduce myself, I am a seventeen year old gal from California.  I will be a graduate of 2008.   I have always been interested in YFU USA, but summer school classes have  prevented me from trying in the past.  Around September, my Japanese teacher encouraged my class to try it out for the summer scholarship.   However, with all my  free time opportunity, I chose the last minute strategy. (Doubting myself -_-)

My mom sent my application by registering it at the post office and I am somewhat worried that YFU won't get it. (Sent it last week, 2 days before the postmark deadline)    I'm just wondering will YFU send me some type of letter that they received my application and if so,  what time do they usually send that out?  And if they I don't hear from them, should I call them?  

Please excuse me for being  annoyingly  paranoid, but the 1800-teenage number is based off east coast time.  I'm usually in school during their hours, and I'm  too impatient to wait for the weekend to call them. These questions have been bugging me for a week.   

Thank you for reading, and thanks again if you can answer my questions.  

Edit:YFU received my applications :)  They also sent me an email that they have not processed it yet, so I'll have to wait 3 weeks until I get a postcard. 

Thanks so much guys for your support.  I will update my progress in a month or so!

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