sakuranbo_momo (sakuranbo_momo) wrote in yfucommunity,

Summer Vs. Semester

Hi everyone!
I plan to go to Japan with YFU next summer (of 2008). But, recently I've been reading the blogs/journals of many people who spent a semester or year in Japan and had the experience of a lifetime. Their stories really inspired me, and I'm really considering going to Japan for a semester (mid-March to August). The only thing is: I'd have a hard time being away from my parents that long (and it's highly doubtful that they'd even allow me to go for that long) and I'd be very worried about missing the last 2 1/2 months of my sophomore year of high school (I wouldn't want my grades to suffer).
For those of you that have already been to Japan for a summer (or longer), what are your thoughts? When it was all over, were you disappointed that you hadn't gone for a whole semester? I just feel like I could benefit so much more (culturally and language-wise) from a semester stay! A summer stay is more like a vacation, but when you're there for months it's really true immersion and progress. I'd love to hear feedback from you guys.
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